KO2 provides strategic energy and sustainability planning, carbon accounting and implementation support services for large public corporations, private companies non-profit organizations. KO2 can help your organization plan, measure, and act to achieve ambitious climate goals with the least financial impact.


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Strategic Advising
KO2 provides energy and sustainability program design services including policy development and implementation, and detailed assessments of existing programs and operations. KO2 offers specialized services in facilitation of engagement sessions, data analytics, financial analysis, program evaluation, strategy development and recommendations.

Program Design
KO2 can help you design your climate and energy programs, with key directional milestones for executing the strategy and achieving targets, including but not limited to implementing a governing structure, improving management of key performance metrics, and ensuring stakeholder engagement.

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Energy and Climate Action Planning
KO2 can help your organization develop a detailed roadmap for measuring, planning, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related climatic impacts. A customized Climate Action Plan or an Energy Master Plan can help your organization make informed decisions and understand where and how to achieve the largest and most cost-effective emissions reductions. KO2 can assist with identification of potential cost savings strategies, financial incentives, and funding resources for a portfolio of buildings or for an individual project.

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Solar Planning
KO2 offers solar program consulting services to help integrate renewable energy into your buildings or energy supply. Services include portfolio planning, solar financing strategies, pro forma review, recommendations, and an implementation plan.

Research & Development and Cleantech
KO2 has a wealth of experience in managing clean energy demonstration programs to test technology solutions and measure outcomes.  KO2 can help design and implement cleantech programs to pilot test technologies, create a strong business case and help companies to navigate the market so they can scale their solutions



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Carbon Assessments and Target Setting 
KO2 provides carbon calculations for a company’s Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions and can create a detailed carbon assessment report that identifies priorities for emissions reductions. KO2 can assist with setting Science-Based Targets (SBTi), including data collection and verification for carbon assessments such as boundary setting, custom survey tools and guidance throughout the process.

NYC Local Law 97 Compliance
KO2 provides data analysis and energy modeling services to help companies assess their Local Law 97 requirements over time and achieve their unique building targets. For a quick initial assessment of your building, you can use this free tool: NYC LL97 Carbon Calculator (be-exchange.org).

Data Collection and Surveys

Data Collection and Surveying
Collecting data is an important part of any energy program. KO2 offers the KO2 Stat web-based survey tool to provide custom-design surveys and templates to ease your data collection process.

Implementation Support

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Green Building Certifications and Design Support
KO2 offers full-service oversight of green building certifications and standards to align with underlying project goals and opportunities to elevate the quality of a project. KO2 can provide net-zero and high energy performance building design strategies and energy modeling services such as an energy analysis of building envelope, energy systems, operational strategies and other strategies to optimize designs.

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Commissioning and Owners Rep
KO2 provides commissioning planning and management services including design review, documentation support, O&M manuals and training, and project management support during construction. KO2 can provide owners representation services to ensure the owner’s best interests are represented throughout each stage of the project from conception to construction and close out.

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Workforce Development
KO2 can develop training plans for staff to ensure deep carbon reductions are achieved and buildings operate as designed. KO2 can also help advise on workforce development best practices to ensure the workforce is ready to deliver decarbonization goals and green job considerations are integrated into the contracting process.